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Are You A Financially Compatible Couple?

A financially compatible couple holding hands, symbolising financial security and stability.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), in 2019 there were 113,815 marriages. Sadly, in the same year there were 2,162 divorces, with financial issues cited as one of the major reasons for marriage breakdown. For couples deciding to move in together, the idea of buying a home and building a future can be […]

How Much Should I Have In My Emergency Fund?

'Emergency Fund' to emphasise the importance of having savings.

When times are tough financially or unexpected bills pop up, having an emergency fund set aside can alleviate stress. Unfortunately, many people choose not to or struggle to find spare cash to put aside. It’s the most common story financial professionals hear. Unfortunately, too many people fail to set aside emergency savings to see them […]

Why Financial Advice May Be Your Best Investment

Three professionals explore the best investment opportunities in office conversation.

It is commonly assumed that seeking financial advice is for the wealthy, and it only helps the rich become richer, yet financial advice can prove useful to anyone who wishes to better their financial future. Financial advice is like getting a health check-up for your financial situation. Your financial adviser is like your personal trainer, […]