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Do You Have The Right Protection For Your Loan?

A miniature home with a right protection loan.

Buying a property is one of the biggest investments many people will make in their lives. When it comes to securing a mortgage, many buyers may be so focused on the immediate steps ahead that they don’t consider having the right protections in place first. Understanding the different insurances available for your mortgage for further […]

Getting More Out Of Income Protection Insurance

Man using calculator for Income Protection Insurance computation.

If you’re working and haven’t yet reached the point of financial independence then income protection insurance should be on your radar. As the name implies, it can help you protect your greatest asset – the ability to earn an income. At the heart of all income protection policies is the promise to pay the policy […]

Small Business Insurance – Why You Need It

Two young men with a small business and insurance.

Every business is unique, and the requirements of suitable business insurance are just as unique as each business. Using the example below, we will highlight the importance of seeking professional advice when acquiring cover for your business.  Several years ago, Steve and Brian started a small web-design business, GotyaOnline. Steve was responsible for growing and […]

Your Home Loan Future – Are You Prepared?

Graph showing the historical trend of home loan interest rates

It’s hard to imagine taking out a home loan with an interest rate of 17% per annum or higher, yet that was the reality for homebuyers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Back then it would have been just as hard to imagine home loan interest rates of less than 3% p.a. The point […]

Beat Mortgage Stress

Serene haven inspires thoughts of beating mortgage stress in cosy home retreat

Previously when applying for a home loan, banks would lend would-be homeowners a sum of money based on repayments being less than 30% of the borrower’s gross income. As interest rates fell in the early 90s and competition from non-bank lenders flourished, home loan providers relaxed this rule and increased the flexibility of loans generally. […]

Why ‘Low-Interest’ Is Causing High Interest In Property

A sack and home representing the concept of high interest in property due to low-interest rates

Is it the right time to leap into the property investment market? With low interest rates and rising house prices, many investors are jumping on the property band wagon. This article explains why property is seen as a strong contender for investors, what to take into consideration, and encourages readers to seek advice from their […]

Tax Deductions and Investment Properties

A beautifully designed outdoor area of an investment property

Property is a popular investment asset that contains a number of significant advantages. Property is a popular investment asset that contains a number of significant advantages including income generation, capital growth, resistance to major market downturns and substantial tax deductions. Although tax deductions and offsets shouldn’t be the key reason to invest in property, if […]

Get Ready For June 30 – NOW!

Laptop and man getting ready for investment

When it comes to getting the most (money) from your annual tax return, there is usually a lot to think about, so we’ve identified a few options that could open the door to some opportunities to save on tax. The key here is to plan ahead. Deductions — lower your tax liability If you have […]

It’s Time to Think About Your Wealth

Man ponders and analysing wealth abundance in front of his computer

The end of another financial year is looming, and with that may come thoughts about your tax return and how your wealth has tracked throughout the year. Whether you’re nearing retirement, a high-income earner looking to reduce your taxable income, or you’re on a lower income and looking for ways to maximise your super contributions; […]