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Preparing your annual tax return can feel like a daunting task full of paperwork and numbers. But it doesn’t have to be!

The Tanti Financial Services team looks at your tax return as more than just forms – it’s a chance to get you the best refund possible. As your friendly Penrith tax experts, we’ll carefully review your situation so you don’t miss out on any deductions or credits you deserve.

We’ll explain things clearly in simple terms, not complicated tax jargon. You work hard for your money, so we work hard to save you money come tax time. Just gather your documents and leave the rest to us!

With over 30 years of experience, we know all the ins and outs of Australia’s tax system. We’ll dig deep to find every last tax break available to you and provide practical advice tailored to your personal financial situation.

Our family-owned business believes your success is our shared success. So our goal is to legally maximise your tax refund as if it were our own money.

Our Expert Tax Preparation Services

Tanti Financial Services offers a full range of tax services:

  • Personal tax returns – We’ll prepare and lodge your return to maximise your refund.
  • Business tax returns – We’ll handle GST, BAS, FBT and other tax needs for your small business.
  • Tax planning – We can advise tax strategies to minimise your bill all year long.
  • Audit help – If you’re audited, we’ll professionally handle the response and represent you.


With decades of combined experience across accounting and financial planning, our advice looks at both sides of your financial picture for comprehensive tax preparation.

We stay up-to-date on the latest tax laws and policies to take advantage of all available deductions, offsets, rebates and more. We’ll walk you through them in easy-to-understand language so you know how to get the most from your tax return.

Year-Round Tax Planning

The best way to maximise your tax refund is tax planning all year long, not just at tax time.

We offer proactive guidance on tax minimisation strategies like:

  • Tax deductions
  • Income splitting
  • Tax-advantaged investments
  • Superannuation contributions
  • Small business tax concessions


By planning early, we can help you legally structure your finances in a tax-efficient way. This allows you to keep more of your hard-earned income.

We’ll also keep you updated on any tax law changes so you can adjust your approach as needed. Consider us your year-round tax partners.

Audit Support & Representation

No one likes getting that dreaded letter from the ATO. But if you ever face a tax audit, Tanti Financial Services has your back every step of the way.

Our experienced tax accountants will professionally handle all communication and information requests from the ATO on your behalf. We’ll ensure your response is complete, compliant and helps resolve the audit swiftly.

With decades of combined tax knowledge, we know how to strategically approach an audit. And if needed, contest unfair findings through legal tax resolution processes.

Small Business & Self-Employed Returns

Running your own small business or being self-employed comes with unique tax obligations. Let Tanti Financial Services handle your small business tax return filing and GST, BAS and FBT needs.

We’ll make sure you legally maximise deductions for all allowable business expenses. We’ll also keep you fully compliant with your tax obligations so you avoid any penalties.

Our tax planning for small businesses also explores strategies like:

  • Asset depreciation
  • Tax concessions and offsets
  • Strategic business structuring
  • Tax deductions for motor vehicles


Tanti Financial Service aims to maximise every tax break and incentive available to you as a small business or sole trader. That leaves more profits in your pocket.

Retirement & Pension Tax Planning

Once you reach retirement, your income often changes to pensions, annuities and investment earnings. So your tax situation changes too.

Tanti Financial Services will ensure you optimise your taxes in retirement with strategies like:

  • Tax-free threshold optimisation
  • Minimising investment taxes
  • Capping tax on your pension income
  • Claiming the Seniors and Pensioners Tax Offset


Super is complicated, but taxes on your super in retirement even more so! We’ll ensure you understand how pension payments, withdrawals and inheritance are taxed so you can plan smartly.

Our goal is to help structure your retirement finances to protect your nest egg. You worked hard to save, so let us help you keep more in retirement.

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From individual returns to small business taxes, we’re here to help with your tax needs! Let’s get you the best outcome possible.

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