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At Tanti Financial Services, our qualified accountants provide customised tax planning and advice to help you make the most out of your unique financial circumstances. Whether you are an individual, business owner, or investor, strategic tax planning is essential to minimise your liability and maximise your wealth.

With our extensive tax expertise, we can ensure you are utilising every opportunity available under Australia’s complex tax laws. We stay up-to-date on the latest ATO requirements so that your tax return is fully compliant. Our proactive planning also means you avoid surprises and issues come tax time.

Tax Planning Saves You Money

Tax planning involves reviewing your financial position before the end of the financial year to implement appropriate strategies to manage your tax liability. This protects you from unexpected tax bills and allows you to make informed financial decisions.

With professional advice, tax planning may help you:

  • Minimise your taxable income
  • Maximise your allowable deductions
  • Take advantage of tax concession opportunities
  • Avoid issues with ATO audits

By planning ahead, you can align your tax strategies for optimal outcomes. Our knowledgeable team can uncover deductions and opportunities you may have missed to ensure you utilise every option available.

Tax Planning Strategies for Individuals

If you are an individual taxpayer, some key ways to reduce income tax are:

  • Negative gearing investment properties
  • Making additional super contributions
  • Salary sacrificing certain expenses
  • Claiming deductions for work from home

Other smart strategies include income splitting with family members on lower marginal tax rates, prepaying upcoming expenses, and making deductible personal contributions to super.

Tax Planning for Business Owners

Business tax planning is complex, but strategic decisions can save you thousands. Some options to explore include:

  • Claiming deductions for equipment under instant asset write-off
  • Timing repairs and maintenance deductions
  • Writing off bad debts before year end
  • Planning your capital gains tax liability

Other business tax planning tips include claiming deductions for start-up costs and marketing expenses.

Tax Planning for Property Investors

Optimising your tax as a property investor involves strategies like:

  • Claiming interest and fees on investment loans
  • Deducting repairs, maintenance and other rental expenses
  • Offseting capital gains with capital losses
  • Contributing to super to minimise capital gains tax

Avoid ATO Scrutiny with Expert Planning

With the ATO increasing audit activity, our advice provides peace of mind that your tax return will stand up to scrutiny. We help you avoid common trigger points like over-claimed work expenses and rental deductions.

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