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Conquering the LMI hurdle: Strategies for NSW First Home Buyers


Purchasing your first home in New South Wales is an exciting step, but navigating the financial landscape can be daunting.  One significant upfront cost you’ll encounter is Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). This insurance protects the lender if you, the borrower, default on your loan repayments.  However, the burden falls on you, costing thousands of extra […]

LMI Waiver For Health and Medical Professionals

health professional comparing home loans

Discover how medical professionals are skipping the LMI and saving thousands on their home loans!  Here’s how an LMI waiver can put money back in your pocket. Health and Medical Practitioners on the lookout for a home loan might be eligible for some perks, like discounted rates not available with standard home loans. This includes medical […]

Thinking About Switching Mortgage Lenders? Consider This First

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Every time there is an interest rate change the first thought to flit through the minds of thousands of mortgage-holders is “should we change lenders to get a better deal?” For some people that might be a good idea but instead of blindly acting on that urge, always do some homework before you act. Sometimes […]

Hidden Costs Of Buying A New Home

A well-furnished new home

You’ve decided that it’s time to buy your first home; Congratulations! It’s such an exciting milestone in anyone’s life and should be as effortless as possible. It’s important not to be caught out by the hidden costs that come with the purchase of your home. The costs add up quickly and can cause issues if […]

The Risk Of Losing Your Home

The risk of losing your home

As house prices spiral ever higher and interest rates test record lows, it has never been easier for anyone to borrow too much when buying a home and then suddenly find themselves struggling to meet the repayments. And the number of Australians in this situation is growing. Research by the University of NSW suggests the […]

Your Home Loan Future – Are You Prepared?

Graph showing the historical trend of home loan interest rates

It’s hard to imagine taking out a home loan with an interest rate of 17% per annum or higher, yet that was the reality for homebuyers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Back then it would have been just as hard to imagine home loan interest rates of less than 3% p.a. The point […]

Beat Mortgage Stress

Serene haven inspires thoughts of beating mortgage stress in cosy home retreat

Previously when applying for a home loan, banks would lend would-be homeowners a sum of money based on repayments being less than 30% of the borrower’s gross income. As interest rates fell in the early 90s and competition from non-bank lenders flourished, home loan providers relaxed this rule and increased the flexibility of loans generally. […]

Why ‘Low-Interest’ Is Causing High Interest In Property

A sack and home representing the concept of high interest in property due to low-interest rates

Is it the right time to leap into the property investment market? With low interest rates and rising house prices, many investors are jumping on the property band wagon. This article explains why property is seen as a strong contender for investors, what to take into consideration, and encourages readers to seek advice from their […]