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Expert Accounting Services in Lithgow

Embarking on the nuanced journey of tax compliance might feel like a complex puzzle, but with Tanti Financial Services by your side in Lithgow, you’re in expert hands.

Our illustrious team of chartered accountants, deeply rooted in Lithgow’s community, are well-versed across the spectrum of tax—from income tax and GST to PAYGW obligations. At Tanti, our dedication extends beyond merely ensuring your tax obligations are met. We’re passionate about discovering every avenue to enhance your tax benefits.

  • Individuals & Sole Traders
  • Partnerships
  • Companies
  • Trusts
  • Not For Profit Associations
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Fund

With Tanti Financial Services, you have a steadfast ally every step of the way.

accounting services in emu plains
Tax and Business Advisory Emu Plains

Comprehensive Business Advisory Services

our business advisory services are a testament to our holistic commitment to your success. Tailored to propel your business to greater heights, we lend strategic insights on myriad business facets—whether it’s streamlining cash flow or advising on the perfect business structure.

Whether you’re setting sail as a sole trader or captaining a grand enterprise, Tanti’s rich tapestry of expertise in Lithgow is always at your beck and call, illuminating your path forward

Local Expertise

With an office in Lithgow, our dedicated team at Tanti Financial Services is ready to guide you through. 

We’ve got you covered from Lithgow all the way through the Blue Mountains to Sydney.

Lithgow Scenery Near Tanti Financial Services - Accounting Firm in Lithgow

Your dedicated accounting team based in Emu Plains, is ready to help guide your business towards success. Our accountants can provide a variety of essential services, such as:

  • Bookkeeping and Payroll Services
  • Taxation Compliance (including income tax, GST and PAYGW obligations)
  • Taxation Advice and Planning
  • Cloud Accounting and Transition to Cloud Accounting Software
  • SMSF Compliance
  • Not for Profit Association Reviews and Audit / Charity Reviews and Audit
  • Business Structure Advice
  • Assistance with tax audits, ATO disputes and investigations

We’re committed to making your financial journey easier, and we’re always here to help you navigate the complex world of accounting.

We are Xero Gold Partners!

Xero is a cloud accounting software which takes out the complexities of bookkeeping, allowing you to spend more time on what you love, your business. Our team of advisors are experienced in using Xero to run small businesses with ease. Get in touch with our accountants to find out how Xero can be an effective software for your business.  

For more information, please watch the “Intro to Xero” video here.

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Finding a top accountant involves understanding your business needs, researching potential firms, and assessing their expertise and commitment to client success. At Tanti Financial Services, we pride ourselves on our exceptional services and commitment to the growth and success of your business. We provide personalised business accounting and tax consulting services across a wide range of industries. Contact us, and let’s start your journey towards financial success together.

Yes, there is a difference. While all tax accountants are accountants, not all accountants are tax accountants. An accountant typically handles a broad range of financial matters, including bookkeeping, financial reporting, and business strategy. A tax accountant, on the other hand, specialises in tax law, tax return preparation, and tax planning. At Tanti Financial Services, our experienced team is proficient in both general accounting and tax consulting services, ensuring you receive comprehensive financial support

While both tax accountants and bookkeepers play crucial roles in managing your finances, they have different responsibilities. A bookkeeper primarily records financial transactions, maintains financial records, and handles payroll. A tax accountant, on the other hand, focuses on preparing and filing tax returns, strategising to minimise tax liability, and staying abreast of tax laws and regulations. At Tanti Financial Services, we offer a range of services, from bookkeeping and payroll to taxation advice and planning, to meet all your financial needs.

Based in Penrith, Tanti Financial Services is dedicated to the business goals and success of a diverse range of clients across Western Sydney. We provide accounting services for individuals and sole traders, partnerships, companies, trusts, not-for-profit associations, and self-managed superannuation funds in the region, including the Blue Mountains

As a premier accounting firm in Penrith, Tanti Financial Services offers a comprehensive suite of accounting services designed to guide businesses in Western Sydney towards financial success. Our services include bookkeeping and payroll, taxation compliance, taxation advice and planning, cloud accounting and transition to cloud accounting software, SMSF compliance, not-for-profit association reviews and audit, business structure advice, and assistance with tax audits, ATO disputes, and investigations.

Yes, Tanti Financial Services, based in Penrith, is a proud Xero Gold Partner. Xero is a cloud accounting software that simplifies bookkeeping, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your business. Our team of advisors are experienced in using Xero to help businesses in Penrith, Western Sydney, and the Blue Mountains run more efficiently. Contact our accountants to find out how Xero can be an effective software solution for your business.

Engage the expertise of certified tax accountants to manage your income tax returns and eliminate the uncertainties associated with handling your taxes independently. View our pricing.

Tax time shouldn’t be stressful, we have put together a handy taxtime checklist to help you collect the information you’ll need to assist us with preparing your tax return this year.